Do good – Students Erasmus university

Every month we will be visiting the elderly living at the elderly centre: Simeon and Anna – Laurens.

The adress is Strevelsweg 350.

The dates we will be going there are:

  • 26-02-2019
  • 26-03-2019
  • 30-04-2019
  • 21-05-2019
  • 25-06-2019

It’s from 14:00 – 16:00 O’clock. These afternoons we will be having a ‘disco’. We will be dancing and singing along to the songs. This makes it easy to connect with the elderly despite of the language barrier. Music Unites!

By registering we, the elderly and the elderly centre, are counting on you for all these dates. If there is any reason why you can’t be there, please let us know.

We are super happy that you join us!

Het evenement is afgelopen.


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